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SOLSC: Reflection

What I learned from writing (almost) every day:

  1. Carving out time each day takes dedication and commitment.
  2. Writing is more fun, more rewarding and more exciting when you have others to support you.
  3. Slicing is a practice in mindfulness, a challenge to be present to the moment.
  4. Sometimes I write for myself.  I process emotions. I sing my own praises. I play with words and phrasing. I stretch my writer’s muscles, and breath in deep the force of life’s experiences.
  5. Sometime I write for others.  I write to inspire writers. I write to give voice to the unheard.  I write to capture moments that I must let go of, but don’t want to ever forget.
  6. I found a slew of new and inspiring websites and blogs from the other contributors. My RSS feed has grown quite a bit.