Philosophy of Education

My goal as a teacher is to empower children with the skills, knowledge and attitudes they need to better themselves and the world around them. In my classroom we learn because it is fun, engaging, relevant and meaningful on a local as well as global level.

In my classroom we work together to create a safe space where everyone can be inquisitive, creative and appreciated. We honor diversity and celebrate community, engaging in sustained dialogue as well as creative conflict.

Integrated and interconnected learning supports meaningful connections in the brain. And, encouraging students to dig deep into their own personal areas of interest fosters curiosity and critical thinking.  When a child’s sense of wonder is nurtured, learning blossoms into an enjoyable and rewarding experience. In my classroom children participate in a community of learners; sharing, discussing, and celebrating their thinking in the spirit of “together we know more.”

I am a team-teacher, working best with other educators with whom I can brainstorm, celebrate, and grow. Because I believe schools are places where community can be nurtured, I involve volunteers, organizations, parents and businesses in our learning experiences.


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