Reading. Writing. Word Study.

The following video is a window into a read aloud session from our classroom.  My goal is to illuminate both the relationship I have with the kids, as well as to reveal one of the ways I teach comprehension strategies and author’s craft.

[vimeo 23064756]

Whether deciphering words, images, songs, or facial expressions, literacy is what empowers us to communicate. A literate person is a listener, consuming information in a critical and mindful manner.  A literate person is a producer, responding to the world around them and creating new forms of expression.

Literacy is what connects us.

As an educator, teaching literacy begins with a literate life. I read and read and read. I write, a lot. Videos, images, infographics and blogposts flow through my twitter and facebook accounts, and sometimes into the classroom. Sharing these habits is where my teaching begins.

In the classroom, the workshop model is my preferred teaching method. I usually introduce a concept or skill through a quick mini-lesson, then gradually release control over to the students. In this way the kids quickly apply new skills to content that is engaging and meaningful for them.

Want to learn more about the web resources I use? Check out my Literacy Links.


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