Let the Planning Begin – Tools for Success

Procrastination finally comes to an end.
Today I begin the work of plotting out the first few days (and weeks) of school.

While the students are out shopping for school supplies (which induce panic attacks in me), I pull out my copy of The First Six Weeks of School.  The summer is coming to an end.  How many teachers would agree with this quote recently posted by Erin Klein on Pinterest?

But, no worries – I have some handy tools to help me through the process.

1) Wunderlist – This is my current favorite to-do list.  It looks nice.  It syncs to all of my devices.  I can set reminders and due dates, and I appreciate that I can share lists with folks who can co-manage lists.

2) Springpad – This site is like a Pinterest or an Evernote, just slightly different.  I’ve been collecting school materials here for quite some time. Today I will turn to my notebook, The First Days of School.

3) Pinterest – so much fun information presented in a pretty, pretty way. I have several boards that are collections of school stuff, like this one: Classrooms

4) Coffitivity – Ambient background noise that makes it feel like you are in a cafe.  Supposedly it helps boost creativity and maintain productivity.  Don’t know if that’s true, but when I listen to it I feel … more at ease.  And this way I spend less money, and I don’t have to pack up my computer when I go to the bathroom.

5) Bento – I love this beautiful product made by Filemaker.  It’s a gorgeous way of creating your own databases using self-created forms.  This is my favorite way to plan.  I can even get the plans on my iPad and use them while teaching.


One response to “Let the Planning Begin – Tools for Success

  1. I am happy to seeing you back, again. Your blog is always an inspiration to me.

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