Teachers Love Tech

My love for tech begins at a personal level.  I plan my life (and my lessons) on iCalendar. I create invites, worksheets, game handouts and more with Word and/or Pages.  All of my music comes from the web (check out Songza). Wunderlist is my current favorite to-do list. I Skype with my parents overseas. My news comes from Flipboard.

But, as an educator, I love technology even more.  At the most basic level, technology in the classroom can be a resource and a motivator.  I often use videos, images and websites to demonstrate or introduce abstract concepts.  Games are an engaging way to get kids to practice their basic facts and word work.  The web is also an invaluable source of information during research projects.

At its best, integrated tech supports higher-level thinking.  Using social media, students are asked to analyze, comment, pass judgement and support their thinking on content.  My favorite is when students combine content in creative ways to produce new and innovative content.

Turns out, I’m not the only one who loves tech in the classroom (duh!).  Allison Morris at OnlineUniversities.com passed along this infographic revealing technologies growing role and value among educators.  Enjoy!

What do we Know Infographic


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