I Want PD. I Need Time and Choice

The best teachers are learners.  They consistently seek ways to improve.  For me, blogging and connecting with educators online has been an inspiring source of daily professional development – until it became too much. Where is the time?

I want professional development, but what I need is  the time to do it (and I don’t mean while I am on vacation).  I want regular, weekly time to learn and grow as an educator.

There is a lot of talk about implementing Google’s 20% rule in the classroom, allowing students to spend 1/5 of their time working on projects of their choice. Eric Sheninger, principal at New Milford High School, is experimenting with the 20% rule with teachers.  In his recent post, Autonomy Breeds Change, Sheninger reflected on the first two years of implementing his program.  I recommend taking a visit and checking out the inspiring list of projects his staff undertook.  What struck me the most was the diversity of topics and media that folks used.  You want to read books – read books.  You want to build a website – build a website.

What would you do if 1/5 of your time at school was dedicated to your own personal/professional growth?  I’m thinking I might build a game in Scratch to learn how to best integrate it into the classroom.

Scratch with 2nd Graders

While you are over at Sheninger’s blog, A Principal’s Reflections, I recommend checking out his collection of Open Courseware resources.  Who knows you might just find the course that fits you.  


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  1. Thank you for following my blog, Erie. I look forward to seeing more on this blog.

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