Math Game: Hangmath

What is it?
Hangmath is paper and pencil game similar to Hangman.  Players take turns creating two-digit addition problems, which the other player guesses.

Hangmath reinforces place value concepts because the Magical Minds must ask questions about the digits in different places.  Hangmath also provides practice in adding two-digit numbers.

How to Play:
1) Create a two-digit addition problem.  Use a dice to determine the digits.  Add the two two-digit numbers together to find the answer (the answer may be a three-digit number).  Write these numbers SECRETLY on the “Hangman’s Sheet.”

For example:
I roll a 4 and a 6  = 46
I roll a 5 and a 2  = 52

+ 46

2) The Guesser uses the guide sheet to ask questions about which digits are in the different columns.
For example: “Is there a 3 in the ones column?”

3) If the guesser guesses wrong, the Hangman draws one body part on the Hangman’s sheet.

4)  If the guesser guesses correctly, they begin to fill in their answer on the top of their sheet.

____   2
+   ____  ___
___  ____  ___

5) If the Guesser figures out the problem (he/she must know ALL the numbers in the problem, not just the answer) before the Hangman is complete, he/she wins.


2 responses to “Math Game: Hangmath

  1. My second graders are working on two-digit addition right now. They had a guess-the-number problem in their workbook that was similar to this, but I didn’t think about adapting it this way. Great idea! About how long does it typically take to play one round of Hangmath?

    • E,
      Thanks for your comment. A round of Hangmath usually takes 7-15 minutes. It depends on how many digits you want to use in the game and the skills of the kids.

      Happy Gaming,

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