Studying Systems

SYSTEM: a set of connected things or parts that form a complex whole.

The Magical Minds are investigating different kinds of systems.  We started by looking at smaller systems, things we could find in the classroom.

We began to expand our understanding of systems by looking at more complex systems, recognizing that systems can be connected, creating more complex systems.  We looked for systems around school, identifying connected systems.  For example Liz, the lizard, is part of a larger system – her habitat.  With plants, crickets, heat lamp and glass…the entire terrarium can be seen as a more complex system.


Today we discussed even larger, more complex systems.  We reflected on our trip to the zoo and considered how animals can be connected in an ecosystem.  Tram lines and bus routes can be connected in a transportation system. Garbage trucks, recycling bins, compost piles and landfills are connected parts of our waste management system.
The Magical Minds then split into teams of three or four people to create posters that represented and explained one of these systems.  Through this project I was able to assess how well each child understands systems.  I was also looking for evidence of teamwork: kind words, effective sharing and supportive language.

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