Math Games: Pyramid 13

Why are we learning Pyramid 13?
We continue to solidify our understandings of the basics of playing cards. During our math lesson we discovered the names of the four suits, and how many cards are in each suit.  Through this game, the Magical Minds also practice some basic math facts.  To win the game you must make pairs that equal 13 (for example a six and a seven).  This constant hunt for 13 pairs helps increase automaticity as well as improves basic addition facts.How to Play:
Pyramid 13 starts with 28 cards arranged in a pyramid on the table.  Start with a row of 7 cards (facing up).  Above those cards create a row of 6 cards (facing down).  Above those cards create a row of 5 cards.  Continue until your pyramid looks like this:

The goal of the game is to get rid of all the cards in the pyramid.  You can remove cards when you create a pair that equals 13.  Kings are a freebie and can be automatically removed because they equal 13.  As you remove cards, the down-facing cards become “free” to turn over once they are no longer touching any cards in the row below.  If you cannot make 13 with the cards in the pyramid, turn over the extra cards one at a time to help you make pairs.

One response to “Math Games: Pyramid 13

  1. Just discovered your blog! Enjoying the posts. Particularly like this one as we are exploring possibilities with playing cards at the moment! Look forward to sharing your post with my students : )

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