Math Games: Gin Rummy

Today we learned how to play the most simple version of Gin, or Gin Rummy.  This is probably the most commonly played game in my household.  It is a game that I grew up with.  I invite you to take a deck of cards wherever you go.  Gin can easily be played at the park, on a plane, or at a coffee shop.
Why are we learning how to play Gin?  This year the Magical Minds will be playing with cards a lot to improve their math skills.  This introductory card game will allow the Magical Minds to learn how to shuffle, deal, take turns, hold cards and familiarize themselves with the numbers and suits.  Later on we will use card games to solidify math skills such as subtraction and multiplication.Instructions:
Every player gets 7 cards.  The remaining cards sit in the middle, and the dealer turns one over to start the “discard pile.”

You can either play with the cards in your hand, or with the cards spread out on the table in front of you.

The goal is to group all of your cards into either sets or runs.

A set = 3 or more cards of the same number
A run = 3 or more cards in consecutive order (eg. 4, 5, 6).  Note: They not have to be of the same suit (that is a more challenging way to play)

The person left of the dealer goes first.  When it is your turn, you must pick AND discard.  You may choose the top card from the discard pile, or choose a fresh card from the deck.  But, you must always choose one card to discard.

When you all of your cards are in either sets or runs, turn your discard upside down and holler “GIN.”  This is how you win.



One response to “Math Games: Gin Rummy

  1. Dear Mrs. Maholitz,
    This is a great post because I am using cards in my class, too. We played war the other day. My students will love to play this game, too. I will focus on how to hold the cards next time. I noticed that many students had trouble holding the cards. They need more practice recognizing the different suits, too. Thanks so much.
    Mrs. Lynch

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