Writing is a Process: Lessons from Sharon Creech

Thanks to Mr. Schu at Watch.Connect.Read, I discovered this fantastic interview with Sharon Creech and her editor.


I think the quality  of the interview stems from the quality of Creech’s relationship with her editor.  Rather than a deluge of tedious questions, we are given a window into their conversation.  As friends they discuss how Sharon’s past experiences meld into her new story, “The Unfinished Angel.”

Creech describes how she writes short scenes with little understanding of where the story is going.  She has learned to trust her writing process.

Inspired by authors like Creech, Natalie Goldberg and Ralph Fletcher, I have begun to compile small scenes from a story that is brewing in my head.  Like Creech, I do not know where the stories connect, but I have a sense they will.

Five lessons I learned about writing:

1. Write – a little bit each day.

2. Trust the Process – write what feels right, even if you aren’t sure how it all fits together.

3. Be Patient – stories take time to grow inside a writer as they make connections between life experiences.

4. Collect Seeds – capture memorable moments that can be used to build a story.

5. Edit with Compassion and Awe – listen for the voice and the hidden stories within a writer’s work.  As the editor of my students’ work, I can help them grow in both ability and confidence.


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