Independent Study Leads to Stop Motion Film

Independent Study time is a favorite among the Magical Minds and myself. It is a time when the third graders can work on projects of their choice. We have created a list of activities they can choose from, but most of the third graders spend their independent study time writing. They write comics, stories, poems and diary entries. When we are the middle of an inquiry project, the kids will often choose to use that time to finish up keynotes, popplets, prezis, etc…

But, every once in a while something completely unexpected happens. The other day Nathan asked to use the camera to make a stop motion film. I hesitated, but then agreed. “But, I am busy helping the others finish up their projects. Do you think you will be alright on your own?” He nodded and bounced off with confidence.

Fifteen minutes later, he came back with this… Well, not exactly. I added the music and uploaded it, but he shot the stills. Amazing! I don’t know how he figured out the basic idea of how to make a stop motion film…but he did.

If you give a kid a camera, you might just get this:


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