Describing Sets with Fractions: A Game

After exploring fractions with similar objects, the ‘eggs,’ it was time to mess around with dissimilar objects. I wanted the Magical Minds to understand that fractions can be used to describe the differences in a set. Thus, we began our lesson by exploring a collection of pieces that had different shapes, colors, and letters.

Familiar with the different attributes of the pieces, we began the work of using fractions to describe those differences. We each chose eight random pieces. This was our ‘set.’  If there were two red pieces in a set, we would write that 2/8 of the set were red. The goal was to write as many different fractions to describe the set.

Our lesson ended with a “guess the set” game. The Magical Minds hid the picture of their set and handed their fractions to a neighbor. Using only the fractions, they used logic to figure out the attributes of all the pieces in the set.

Sometimes it took a lot of work. Sometimes there were not enough fraction clues. But, we helped each other out, adding more clues so that the next person could do an even better job.

Want to play? Stop by our classroom and see the different sets and fractions.

NOTE: I used this lesson plan when creating this learning experience.


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