Renewable or Not?

During our first week of our Natural Resources Unit of Inquiry, I challenged the third graders to pick a natural resource and explain how it was or was not a renewable resource.  The third graders explored this topic through web resources, books and conversations with me.

As a “guide on the side,” I found the truly meaningful learning happened during mini-conferences with each individual.  While discussing the renewability of animals, J and I also talked about extinction, which inspired a Google question about the most endangered animals.  While researching gold, S and I searched for images of mines, and talked about the damage caused by strip mining.  I invite you to click here to see their final projects, which we shared in class at the end of the day on Friday.

Here is just one example of the projects from last week:


One response to “Renewable or Not?

  1. Great job! I will be sure the share this with my students, too. We have just finished our study of natural resources (with a field trip to our state’s capitol for Earth Day as a culmination activity). Next will be a study on energy sources!

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