Rate This Reader’s Fluency: “Mix-Up”

Before listening to some good and bad examples of reading fluency, the Magical Minds and I created a rubric we (and YOU) can use to assess reading fluency.  NOTE: We based our criteria on a list created by Mr. Salsich’s 3rd Grade Class:

Please listen to the following poem and rate how well the reader did.  If you have specific feedback, please leave a comment below.  Enjoy!



3 responses to “Rate This Reader’s Fluency: “Mix-Up”

  1. Great expression! 🙂

  2. Great job reading this poem! I could tell that maybe you’ve been mixed up before too because you shared so much emotion in your voice! Excellent reading and excellent poem!

  3. I think you did a fantastic job reading this poem! I was very impressed with your clarifying skills — that is going back and re-reading if you felt like you read something too quickly or incorrectly, such as the second line of the poem. Great job reading with expression, and putting emphasis on important works, like ‘really’ in the line “that really mixes me up”. I look forward to using this well-created rubric with my students, too! They will be happy to hear the Magical Minds assisted in creating it.

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