SOLSC: A Visit From the Director

We could have been working on our writing curriculum.  We could have been reviewing the accreditation materials.  Instead we were telling stories.  There were stories about our students, and there were stories about our own children.  The room was filled with laughter.

That’s when I saw him.  He opened the door to the classroom, and quietly entered.  No one skipped a beat.  Stories cascaded from one another.  He took a seat. It was a rowdy scene as we joyfully celebrated the funny things kids say and do.  It’s not mean.  It’s part of the craft – part of loving kids.  Like a group of camp counselors, we delighted in a child-free moment.

There was a brief lull.  In the seconds before another story could emerge, our director spoke up.  “I remember when…” He regales us with an anecdote about a friend’s daughter.  And this is the catalyst for another surge of storytelling.  This is what makes us a community.

“Stories are there to help us make sense of the world and our place in it, and to share it with those who, by necessity or invitation, are in our circle.”
Stephanie Leibowitz


5 responses to “SOLSC: A Visit From the Director

  1. Taking time to share stories with colleagues is so valuable. It sounds like you have a great sense of collegiality at your school!

  2. I think that is why teachers are such a close knit group, we can empathize, commiserate, and giggle about the silliness that occurs in our classrooms and homes. I love hearing my colleagues stories and enjoy the slices from this community as well.

  3. It sounds like a great meeting. We share stories at the beginning of every staff meeting. Laughing together is the best medicine, & in these recent days, teachers need a lot of laughter.

  4. The subtext of all the stories is our connection to our kids and our craft – I love these sessions, too.

  5. How wonderful! I agree with Linda about laughing together!

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