SOLSC: As If He’d Always Been There

When the new boy arrived today, I was so sad to tell him that the one boy in our class was out sick.  I was sure the new kid would be lonely and friendless on his first day.  Speaking only a few words in English, I was having a hard time connecting.  At recess I took him outside and introduced him to the fourth grade boys who were playing soccer.  He jumped right in.

By second recess they were cheering him on, and yelling for him to pass the ball their way.  On our way into lunch, I asked the new boy to wait for me while I put my coat away.  “I’ll show you how to buy lunch,” I said.  From behind me, however, came the voice of J, one of the fourth grade boys.  “I’ll show him, Ms. M,” he said.  “Come on,” said J as he motioned the new boy to walk with him toward the cafeteria.

When I arrived in the cafeteria, J was chatting away with the new boy.  “Do you want one of those?” J said while pointing at a hot dog.  A few of the other fourth grade boys had also chosen the hot dog.  The new kid just nods, and puts it on his tray.  The new boy follows J to a table full of fourth and fifth grade boys who warmly welcome and adopt the new kid, as if he’d always been there.



8 responses to “SOLSC: As If He’d Always Been There

  1. Aren’t kids great? They just step up and help out, like it’s not big deal. But they will never really know the impact it had on the new student. He will always remember this day and the comfort he felt being welcomed into a new school. Three cheers for the kids!!!

  2. What a sweet story! Kids can be so wonderful! I love you last line–as if he’d always been there…such a simple statement, but says so much about those boys.

  3. I wonder if those kids who help new kids think about what it would be like if they were new to a class. Maybe some have gone through something like this before, too. In any case, connections are being made and that’s what writing does for us. Enjoyed this slice.

  4. Wow…great way to begin in a new school. You all must be doing some wonderful things with the kids for them to be so welcoming and kind. I could tell from what you wrote, that you were willing to give up your time for the student…it sounds like that kind of attitude has rubbed off on the students.

  5. Some children have an innate ability to fit in. They simply ooze into new situations. Your support and empathy for the new boy was obvious here. I really enjoyed reading this positive small moment.

  6. This was lovely. Thank you for sharing.

  7. This was a wonderful story. I moved to a new school when I was in the 7th grade and I know it is not easy! You are doing something great with these students. Thanks for sharing this! Happy slicing! 🙂

  8. Nice story, I hope the kids get along well for a long time. Soccer is great, just like those students who accepted that new boy as part of the group.

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