SOLSC: A Partner in Crime

“Hey, girl! I’m worried about you,” my coworker looked at me with concern.

What? A list of things that are troubling me play in my head (sleep, unit plans, sweets at lunch…).

“You didn’t slice yesterday!”


Gratitude.  I am filled with gratitude.

She noticed.
She is holding me accountable.
She is reading my slices.
She is holding me to a higher standard.
She is my partner in crime.
She is a good friend.



8 responses to “SOLSC: A Partner in Crime

  1. We all need that “partner in crime.” Glad you are back today. I like how you went through the list in your head wondering why she is worried about you. Such an easy fix!

  2. Love the writing, the community, the closeness this exercise is bringing – not only to you…but to all who are choosing to participate!


  3. Isn’t it good to know there are people who look out for us?

  4. I love how you expanded your thinking from “She noticed” to the reasoning of how she notices. Great piece of writing. I’m loving learning from the slices.

  5. Great title! I also love the way you use your white space in your slices. Very poem-ish.

  6. It must feel amazing to know that someone is watching out for you. This is such a great community…both in our buildings and out.

  7. I would like to comment before I read your slice… I have read the title and it comes to my mind is an Agatha Christie novel!

  8. It’s good to have someone encouraging you to slice everyday, Moreover, someone reading all the slices you write.

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