SOLSC: A Digital Rest

The day began with a book and some sticky notes.  It took the entire morning to finish my reading for Monday’s professional development meeting.

I thought about catching up on my RSS feed, but the sound of Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me beckoned me to the kitchen. Eric was slicing potatoes for our Saturday brunch, and I joined in, caramelizing onions and pan searing zucchini. Sautéing and flipping, we danced with brandished spatulas.

I cleaned the house in preparation for a visit from my folks.  I wiped the moldings, dusted the windowsills, vacuumed and scrubbed. Rearranging the furniture would have been next, but Eric protested (No doubt he knows this is inevitable – this happens every Spring).

When Mom and Dad arrived they were greeted by the smell of warm scones.  And, while we sipped homemade raspberry lassis, we talked about the earthquake in Japan.  No one opened a computer.  We had all seen the footage.  We discussed tectonic plates and the cost of nuclear energy.

Breaking bread at the table, I feel my mind return to body.  My once dissipated self reunites in the presence of the here and now.  There is perspective and peace.

Opening my computer this morning, I am not unhappy or discontent.  I am not scatter-brained or diluted.  I feel rested and ready to work.


5 responses to “SOLSC: A Digital Rest

  1. Ah…that was lovely – I loved the way you created an aura of simple acts which restore our souls.

  2. Thanks for giving us a peek inside your day. That’s just what Slice of Life can be about.

  3. the other ruth

    Not only a nice bit of writing, but a reminder to all of us that a digital break is a necessary thing. I think you are right that a break (even a short one) from whatever has us feeling scattered or worn is what will help us regain “perspective and peace”.

  4. You have captured the calmness of your day with your words. I really like the use of the word ‘diluted’. Perfect word choice!

  5. Great slice. You showed me how to integrate balance. It reminded me I need to figure what brings balance in my life. Thank you for a thought provoking post.

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