SOLSC: Wet Socks

Draped over the radiator, they are victims of winter’s last battle.

Their trusty companions, a pair of grey boots, gurgle a sigh of relief.

Huddled inside a pair of heels, my bare toes scream for warm socks.


6 responses to “SOLSC: Wet Socks

  1. Won’t they be toasty warm when you can put them on. I feel for your toes. Cute poem!

  2. Amazing how you can make me sympathize with socks, boots, and toes.

  3. And so you beautifully sum up winter!

  4. the other ruth

    I love this! My own toes mark the seasons by those requiring socks (preferably thick ones) and those without. At the moment, they are comfortably waiting inside wooly boots waiting for spring to arrive before daring to venture out in something with an open toe.

  5. Love it! You summed up my winter and toes perfectly. The joy of warm socks…aah!

  6. Nice! My toes had a similar experience yesterday.

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