SOLSC: The Wiggles

N pulls out a sheet of lined paper to write a rough draft of his ideas.  “Hello, I am here to teach you about how light travels in a straight line and can bounce off mirrors.  Light bouncing off mirrors is called: reflecting.”

He draws pictures of the materials you need for the experiment:

–       4 mirrors
–       blue tack
–       light source (flashlight / lightbox)

“What kind of instructions are you going to make?” I ask.  “Will it be a how-to video, pictures with words, or just text?”

N decides on pictures with words, and he asks to borrow my camera.  He begins to document the process of making his experiment.

I suggest using PowerPoint to present his pictures with words.  “What is PowerPoint?” he asks.  I ring the musical triangle, announcing a “Pause for Learning.”  I ask the students to visit me at the round table for a mini-lesson on using PowerPoint to make instructions with pictures and words.

As soon as I open it, the kids holler, “Ohh, it’s like Keynote.”

“You know how to use Keynote?”

“Sure, we learned about it in technology!”

I shift gears. Instead of teaching how to use PowerPoint, I open Keynote and present a mini-lesson on how to use the media browser within Keynote to locate and use photographs in iPhoto.

I help N download his photos and stand back as he takes control of the computer.  He doesn’t even sit down. Shifting his weight back and forth, N wiggles his body to the tune of discovery.




8 responses to “SOLSC: The Wiggles

  1. I love this! It’s so nice when students have a wiggle for discovery.

  2. Oh, I am so envious at the way you have integrated technology into your students’ learning. I liked the way you ended your piece.

  3. Love that last line – a moment every teacher lives for.

  4. Love the last line of this slice!

  5. I like the sentence at the beginning of the last paragraph when you “stand back as he takes control” — that is a wonderful, wonderful thing!

  6. Yes, Erin!

  7. This kind of teaching is possible with small classes. You are a great teacher.

  8. It’s amazing how you bring your classroom to us. I’m wiggling with Keynote

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