SOLSC: A Case of the Crankies

I stomp my foot. The thunder of my heal hitting the floor is enough to stop all movement in the classroom. “If this classroom isn’t cleaned up in ten seconds… I will keep you late for Drama!”  No one wants to be late for drama!

But, it doesn’t really matter what I say after the words “in ten seconds.”  The message is clear, Ms. M has a case of the crankies.


11 responses to “SOLSC: A Case of the Crankies

  1. I can totally sympathize with having a case of the crankies!!! 🙂

  2. Your title is priceless–got me to read it!!! Oh, yes, crankies in the 7th grade classroom brings laughter from students to the mix–just not the same as little ones!!!

  3. I love your title. I can think of many times when I had the crankies.

  4. Dear Erin,
    I think it was the “the thunder of my heel hitting the floor” that delivered the message.

  5. Haven’t we all had these moments? Glad to hear it’s not just me. I call it the grumpy bear syndrome in my class.

    • YES! I love it, “the grumpy bear syndrome.” I think it is so important to talk about those cranky moments with the kids. Everyone is entitled to a bad day, but it’s not ok to make others suffer. I find that when I talk about my “cranky demons” that it helps put it all into perspective – this, too, shall pass. I want to model this kind of thinking for my kids so they have good tools to use when they get the “grumpy bear syndrome.”

  6. The crankies…I like that!

  7. new word in my vocabulary… where have you been all my life?

  8. Great title. Great hook. One my teachers I work with uses the line, “That’s not gonna fly!” when kids make less than desirable choices. When I was conferring with some kids in her room the other day, a couple of kids were off task, and I heard another student say, “You better get back in the zone cuz that’s not gonna fly.” Funny.

    • Diana, I kind of love that line. My colleague gives the teacher stare, them says “read my mind!” More often then not the kids know exactly what the problem is. They just need to be called back into themselves.

  9. Sometimes you need to cranky and shake those kids up 🙂

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