Student SOLSC: The Field trip

The fifth grade girls came to visit on Friday afternoon to do some independent study.  I was working on my Slice of Life, and asked if they wanted to see.  Audrey got so excited about the challenge, that she asked if I would post a piece she had written.

Today I went to a church and it was fun.  It was a field trip to the St. Nicolas Church.  There were 8 people. 3 fith grader & 5 4th graders.  I am in grade 5.  The church was fascinating and the art was amazing.  Are tour goide was a woman with red hair and with a brade.  She was wearing black clothes & had blue & black earings. It was cold inside & we had no coats. It looked like the walls were made out of stone.  The paintings were large.  There was a painting called dancing with the dead. There were people dancing with skeletons.  The paintings were fun to look at & I like the fildtrip very much.



3 responses to “Student SOLSC: The Field trip

  1. Audrey, you have many details in your writing about the field trip–number of students and what grade, description of the tour guide–fabulous!, and the people in the picture. Keep writing!

  2. Audrey, you certainly painted a picture in my mind. That is what good writers do. Keep writing about your experiences so others can enjoy them and so you can continue to grow as a writer.

  3. Audrey, your line, “It was cold inside and we had not coats” really stuck with me. I could visualize you folding your arms around you to keep warm. Thank you for sharing your writing. 🙂

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