SLOSC: Beginning, Middle and End Poem

Hammering the inside of dreams,
Sunday morning bells
ring for a quarter hour.

Leftovers pop inside a microwave.
I bring my bowl to the table.
Solitude lures a companion.
“How is your day going?” he asks.

Orange sheets of light
Sink into the horizon.
Eggplants fill the sky.


3 responses to “SLOSC: Beginning, Middle and End Poem

  1. Sundays are the special days for me too, its my day, to pass howeer I want…of course with my errands to run, lessons to plan, and housekeeping to do. But I have no appointments, no running, rushing, and no schedules.

    Sunday rituals are wonderful. From sleeping late, to leisurely brunch, and time to see the sunset from outside, if I choose, instead of inside the classroom walls, I loved your poem. Thanks.

  2. I love the line about eggplants fill the sky. One one hand I see the metaphor of sunset color but on the other it suggests a surrealistic dreamlike world of sleep. Neat.

  3. I love the line, “Orange sheets of light.” I see a vivid almost tropical sunset.

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