SOLSC: Digitally Organized?

How many ways can I organize my life? Evernote? Springpad? Lino? Quicknote, Diigo, GoogleDocs? And, I still have sticky-notes stuck to my laptop.

I just now uninstalled the Evernote extension in my web browser. Have you seen Springpad‘s board thing – a more recent evolution for them? To import my diigo bookmarks into Springpad, I have to first import them intoDelicious.  From there I can export them in a file that is recognizable by Springpad.

Mom is chatting with me over facebook (inside RockMelt), “How do I delete a canvas in Lino?” I type, “I don’t know; Google it.”

My RSS feeds have piled up, and now my Feedly extension constantly reads “99+.”  Same with my twitter feed. Don’t even get me started on my twitter feed.  While on vacation I decided to become a twitterer. Now I barely have time to read my email.

It’s only midday in the US, and there are already 30 responses to today’s Slice of Life Challenge. What the heck does the second “S” stand for?

Facebook update! My principal “likes” my post.

Maybe there is an app that will organize my life for me? Installing “Awesome Note“…



11 responses to “SOLSC: Digitally Organized?

  1. Your slice today captured exactly how I feel most days when I open up Google Reader at the end of a long day and see that I have close to 200 new posts to read, open up my Twitter feed to see hundreds upon hundreds of new tweets, and then realize that I have at least 5 different email accounts to log in to and check. For all the real space we save with technology, the amount of virtual space that is jampacked with information makes me long for a life that’s a little more unplugged.

    Thanks for sharing your slice!

    -Carrie F.

    PS – the second S stands for story.

  2. So many digital possibilities!

  3. the other ruth

    Wow. Just wow. I don’t even know what most of that is. And I still use the actual sticky notes–but I often stick them onto my computer…does that count? 🙂

  4. You are speaking a digital foreign language to me. I think I will keep it that way. Keep it simple is my motto related to technology.

  5. Hi Erin,
    Funny post. Technology is overwhelming at times. The second S stands for Story. I also enjoyed reading your “Me As a Reader” post. It reminded me of more thoughts for my list…a future post. Looking forward to following your blog. ~Theresa

    • Thank you, Theresa, for explaining what the second S stands for. About my “Me as a reader” post, I keep hoping to go back to that and add more to my list.
      Happy Slicing,

  6. I totally get this! I always hesitate before adding another digital layer to my life, but I usually end up adding it. I like to see what’s possible. I may not use everything, but I want to know I can. Lately I have been feeling like I need to hire my own administrative assistant just to handle the info I have coming at me digitally everyday!

  7. this list of digital vocabulary is so amusing – combine them with all the crazy words we have to enter to prevent spam and we got a universe of digital-speak!

  8. I am the “Mom” in this story. I feel so honored to know Erin. She is an exciting young woman and awesome teacher who I am in awe of. I also am fortunate that she shares these tech ideas with me so that I can keep up to date, explore my creativity and share these ideas with my gifted students.

  9. I like the question mark in the end of the title. I fear drowning in the digital ocean. Using my Reader is like swimming in the knee high water. You clearly plunge in and enjoy diving and exploring the digital waters around you.
    From a land rat: Post-its rule!

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