SOLSC: Right Here. Right Now.

My legs ache from sitting at the computer ALL day. I am writing cover letters as I apply for jobs in the Bay Area for next year. Too tired to “be creative,” I look around for inspiration. Here is my worldview, the objects that surround me, right here and right now.

MacBook Pro with a cute purple cover. Which only makes me think of the new iPad 2 and it’s smart folding, magnetic cover.  I want one.  I want one now.

Empty Coffee Cup: A brown rim about one centimeter from the top is the only evidence of a caffeination break.

Half-filled Glass of Lemon Water: Notice that it is half filled not half empty.  I would prefer it be filled with fresh pressed apple juice, but I am reducing calories.  I think I drank twice as much coffee than water today.  I can feel the hint of a dehydration headache.  Drinking water….now.

Two cell phones: One belongs to me, the other my husband.

Husband: He leans over a chair to type on his computer at the table.  He has prepared a small meal, and is waiting for me to finish.  He seems engaged in something – email, twitter, facebook?  We are tech junkies.

Bananagrams: leftover from a visit with Mom and Dad.

Three Journals: Personal journal for intimate thoughts and emotions.  To-d0 journal is filled with lists and goals.  Binder/journal is where I keep my teacher plans and bigger/complex thoughts.

Book on Creativity: Assigned for professional development.  Interesting but dense reading.

Stationery, headphones, drying laundry, pens, colored pencils, post-its, tape, chapstick.

Must. Eat. Hungry. Tired.

Happy Slicing,



4 responses to “SOLSC: Right Here. Right Now.

  1. Dear Erin,
    Thank you for commenting on my SOL posts. You know that you inspired me to take the challenge, don’t you?
    I hope that you had a productive day. What are bananagrams?

    • Thanks Terje,
      I am so glad you are writing with me. It was you who inspired me to do the challenge. It was you who introduced me to the Two Writing Teachers. It was you who came bouncing into my room when I had my first comment from Stacey. You made this all happen.

      PS – Bananagrams:

  2. What a great post! I love lists, and it’s fun for me to “see” what you see. I’ll be sol’ing this evening… after school’s out and track practice is over.

  3. Your area sounds like I could be sitting there. Coffee cup (half full) and I am leaving it that way…Red laptop in my lap (tech junkie too)…Invitation to an annual fund raiser waiting for an RSVP…Thanks for sharing so creatively!

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