SOLSC: Coffee – A Ritual

I fill the kettle with water.
Grinds rain into the press.
The aroma fills my room.

I wait, listening for the water to boil.


The steaming grinds are stirred.



Coffee meets cream in a ceramic cup.
Cradling the cup between my palms, I sip.


8 responses to “SOLSC: Coffee – A Ritual

  1. While writing my slices, I am trying to reflect on what strategies and techniques I use as a writer. I hope this process will help me be a better writing teacher. In that spirit here are the things I noticed about my own writing process this time around:
    – Sentence length variation
    – Sentence starters variation
    – Alliteration
    – Writing process involved drafting on paper, revising and then revising two or three times before publishing.
    – Write a lot, then cut in half to get at the heart of the piece

    What techniques and strategies do you find yourself using?
    Which skills are you working on with your students?

  2. You give new meaning to a Slice of Life. Like your line, “grinds rain into the press.” Aren’t the little things great!!!???

    • Tam,
      Thanks for the specific feedback. I rewrote that line a few times. I was working on, and I should add this to my list above, word choice.

      Yes, I think the little things are sacred.


  3. Awesome slice! I too was struck by the phrase “Grinds rain into the press.” I think specifically is was the use of the word rains, creating a great visual image. Also, I noticed your artful use of spaces in this slice.

  4. Erin,
    The senses come alive when I read this precise and very centred piece. You are in the moment and you take the reader with you. Ah coffee… the aromas swirl about me!

    • Thank you, Alan.
      I liked hearing your writer language when you described the piece.
      I look forward to learning more from you during this month.

  5. thank you for this slice–i’m making my husband make me some coffee as we speak! 😉

  6. The line about the coffee meeting the cream, really sticks with me. I immediately could visualize the two colors swirling together in slow motion. Perfect title. The piece has a methodically rhythm about it like making coffee is a ritual, not something to be rushed.

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