SOLSC: Third Grade Bloggers


Sitting at a round table, I am surrounded by third graders.  I hear their pens grating against paper.  They are preparing to teach the fourth graders how to write a quality comment.

“Be nice”
“Be specific”
“Start a conversation”
“Make a connection”

A few giggles here and there.  They know I am writing about them.  I am writing aloud.  I invited them to join me on the Slice of Life Challenge, and this is me modeling.

We are waiting for a few kids to finish their thoughts.  I fill the moment with writing.


20 responses to “SOLSC: Third Grade Bloggers

  1. As a first grade teacher, I often wonder…do my students continue getting coaching in their writing daily when they leave me? I know some of them may not but I am always filled with hope when someone like you shares tidbits of their classroom writing. Thank you.

    • Thanks Wanda for your supportive comment.
      Keeping up a writing practice can be a challenge for writers of all ages. I find that a little work each day helps keep the writer inside alive and well.
      I like how you called it coaching. Yes, I feel like we are all trying to succeed on “team writers.” How we are coached can make a big difference. What have you found to be particularly meaningful/effective in your writing instruction.
      Happy Writing,

  2. What a fun slice! I love seeing glimpses into classrooms, and I especially love getting glimpses into the younger grades since I am more familiar with secondary.

  3. I forgot to say that I absolutely love the photo at the top of your blog as well!

  4. That’s great that you are having your student join the challenge! It’s nice that you are modeling for your students as well!

    • Thanks Jee Young Kim for the support.

      I hope my kids decide to keep it up. I am not requiring them to join in, but I hope to inspire them with my own writing. Hopefully when they see me using my choice time in the morning to write, this will incite them to write as well. Of course, like the Two Writing Teachers, I am also offering prizes for those who participate. That always helps motivate.
      Best wishes,

  5. I like the way you set the mood in this slice.

  6. I connected with your comment about “third grade bloggers.” My third grade bloggers are blogging about our book club book. For homework they have to leave comments on three other’s post. I find the first month challenging but then it starts to click. Nice to know there are other third graders blogging too!

    • Dear Miss Moyer,
      Thanks for the connection. I agree that the first part is challenging. I am still figuring out how this works for the kids, and for me. Right now we are focusing on commenting, but they are still writing their own pieces on This has really worked for a few – a place to freely write.
      Enjoy the writing process,

  7. Love the line: “I fill the moment with writing.”

    Looking forward to your slices,

  8. Involvement is key to students–the you and them!!!

  9. How lucky these students are to have you. This will be a great month of learning for all. I am looking forward to keeping up with all the slices and comments.

  10. I have first and fourth graders, and I wish their teachers had them participating in this challenge. It’s such a different kind of writing from what they normally do. Good luck! Can’t wait to read more about your aspiring writers!

  11. How wonderful that you are getting your students involved. I like that you are making it a choice for them. I’m looking forward to reading how your kids respond. I would like to be able to use your experiences to help inspire some of the teachers I work with.

  12. I love the sound of young authors. My 6th graders today were eager to do SOL too. We started today.

  13. Today I invited my students to join as well. Happy slicing to all!!

  14. I love the image of the giggles and you modelling aloud. I told my students that we would take 10 – 15 minutes every day to write a slice. Today we shared. Their slices are great. I am excited about what this month will bring.

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