How-To Videos and Instructions

As a summative assessment for our Light and Sound Unit of Inquiry, the Magical Minds have been given the task to design an exhibit.  Not only will they share this exhibit with our school, but they have been given the extra challenge of sharing this exhibit with other schools.  Their task is develop kits and explanations that could travel around the globe to help other schools learn about light and sound.

The last few weeks have been dedicated to exploring a variety of experiments and investigations into sound.  This week we begin the more challenging work of analyzing those investigations, determining which ones were the most helpful for advancing our understanding and creating how-to texts and videos to explain their chosen investigations.

Thus, Monday’s literacy lesson is all about How-To videos and texts.  We will examine the following resources and pull out 5-7 criteria of excellent instructional materials.

With a partner, read one of these articles.  What did you notice?

How to Start the First Day at a New School (text)

How to Make a Piggy Bank (text)

Science Projects for Primary Grades (text)

As we take a look at the next three resources, use a sticky note to write down what you notice?

How to Build an Aluminum Box from a Soda Can (video)
Note: kids ask for help from an adult before cutting aluminum – it is VERY sharp.

How to Build a Flow & Go Boat (video)

How to Build a Pinwheel (text and images)

Do you prefer written, visual or video instructions?  Why?

How do you read instructions?  Like a story, or is it different?


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