A Lesson on Quality Commenting

Goal: We will respond to blogposts with comments that are meaningful and easy to understand.

When writing comments, we remember our Magical Rules:
We Take Care of Our Community

We will use Popplet.com to help us keep track of what we think makes a quality comment. After discussing the rules, you will have a chance to write a comment on our blog that shows you understand something about writing quality comments.

1. What do you think “We do good work” looks like on a comment?
Let’s look at some examples collected by Master Teacher Kathleen Morris to help us clarify our thinking.  How do you know a comment shows “good work?”

What about these comments?

2. What does it mean “we are friendly” when writing comments?
Let’s watch a video created by Mrs. Yollis’  third grade class from California.  They have some great tips for us.

3. Finally, how can we be safe while leaving comments?
Is there anything we can learn from ISB’s blogging guidelines?

Let’s tidy up our MindMap at Popplet.com, and start commenting!


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