Writing Across the Globe

The Magical Minds have been writing letters with a third grade class in Seattle, WA.  We were connected to Ms. Oines’ third grade class through a friend of mine.  Through their letters we have learned about Orca whales and Mount Rainier.

Their letters often left us with questions, and in order to learn more about Orca whales, Mount Rainier and the Space Needle we created a “Magical Google Questions” clipboard.  In the mornings you can find our classroom Librarian looking up answers to our questions.  Thanks Ms. Oines’ class for inspiring some fantastic inquiries.

Classroom Librarian Researching "Magical Google Questions"

Most  recently we received a batch of Christmas cards.  They are BEAUTIFUL.  Black line pictures were carefully and simply colored in.  Inside were kind words wishing us a lovely holiday.  THANK YOU!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What’s next for this global writing exchange?  While catching up with my favorite education blogs, I came across this post by Angela Maeirs, announcing World Read Aloud Day on March 9th.  Her tweeting friends suggested skyping with classrooms around the world.  This gets tricky with time zones, but perhaps we could modify it be recording our read aloud and posting it.

I have also been sharing teacher thoughts with a PYP teacher in Florida, Mrs. Blanco.  Perhaps her third graders would also like to share some stories for World Read Aloud Day.  There has also been talk of doing a literature circle together.

What ideas do you have to keep up our global connections?


2 responses to “Writing Across the Globe

  1. Hi Mrs. M!

    I am super excited to get my students involved in World Read Aloud Day. While we won’t be able to post any videos (too many parents said no to having their child seen on the Internet), we will create a podcast or two and I will post it to my website’s blog page. Please feel free to share with your class. I know my students will be thrilled to be included in this activity.

    • Nicole,
      So glad to hear that you are excited about WRAD. We will create some video/audio recordings to share with you and your kids. I am excited to see what books they choose to share.
      Best wishes, and talk with you soon,

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