Book Recommendations

We have been reviewing how we choose books.  Sometimes, when you don’t know what to read, choosing a book can be the hardest part of reading.  In third grade we focus on choosing books that are “just right.”  A “just right” book is not only a book you understand; it is a book you enjoy.

How do people know what books will interest them?  Sometimes we choose books in a series we like (Nancy DrewBoxcar ChildrenGeronimo Stilton), or one written by a beloved author (Roald DahlEva IbbotsonKate DiCamillo).  Most of the time, however, we depend on the reviews and recommendations of others. After some discussion, we decided our “Choosing Books” sign needed some more tips:

This week we learned a few different ways to recommend books.  Last Friday I gave a short lesson on how to give a “booktalk,” which is a verbal recommendation.

After modeling for the children what a booktalk looks and sounds like, we discussed why people give books talks and what are the important things to include in a booktalk.  Finally, I asked the children to pay attention to how I presented my booktalk.  Together we created an anchor chart to help us remember all the important parts of giving a booktalk.

We have also started a Magical Book Recommendation wall.  On this wall, recommendations are a bit more personal.  These recommendations are addressed to specific people, and it asks students to practice empathy – imagining what books their friends would enjoy.

Inspired by Debbie Miller

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