The Joys of Reading Aloud

Here is a pair of sisters reading Pete the Cat by Eric Litwin and illustrated by James Dean.  This is a perfect example of how reading aloud helps children become readers.  As you watch the video consider the emotion, the fluency, the accuracy and the inflection.

I noticed the abundance of joy in both girls as they read and sang.

Did you notice how she didn’t read everything accurately.  Most likely she is saying the story more from memory than from reading.  This is good stuff for the emerging reader.  As she leafs through the pages, she is associating her words with the text on the page.

I also noticed how dramatically she reads, using rhythm and cadence to tell the story with pizazz.  No doubt she has picked this up from whoever is reading the story aloud with her.

Thank you to my fellow teacher, Terje, for sharing this video with me.  It is an inspiration, a call to all readers to share their books with others.


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